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Veronika Kostenko

How to study current events with open data? – 3 June 6:00 pm
The meeting will be held in English.

Speaker – Veronika Kostenko
Hetq media factory (Nalbandyan St., 106/1).

How to study current events with open data?
The data mounts every second, it's all around, some is private, but massive data sources are open for everyone. How can a journalist make sense of it and tell an interesting story to her readers? There are several basic instruments of data analysis that can help reveal the most exciting facts from the trivial data as well as from leakages. Mainly it is pure (simple) statistics and data visualisation. But also two strands of machine learning: natural language processing and computer vision.
We will discuss some of the most amazing examples of data journalism and talk about why this field becomes the most promising for the young professionals.

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